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Event Windows
Help keep the timers accurate by clicking within 1 minute of an event starting! Timers are generated based on user reported data.

Most events have a 5 minute window of when they can occur. Events will not spawn if nobody is in the location in your instance. When the timers hits 0, this is the start of the window. When the timer hits -6, the window is over and you should move to the next location.

You may have missed the event spawn if you arrive after 0.

Event Frequency
Frequency rates are determined by how frequently the predicted time matches user reported times. Certain events are usually red because there isn't enough data, or the window is larger than 5 minutes.



Event Types

Defend Warsat

Fallen Walker

Kill Target

Prevent Vex Sacrifices

Extraction Crews

Enemy Battle

Enemy Pikes

Live Event
If several users have reported an event as "Happening Now" by using the thumbs up button in the past few minutes, this Ghost will appear next to the timer. The Ghost will blink faster as more guardians report in.

The Ghost is simply another tool you can use when deciding which events to pursue. Even though the Ghost is blinking, the event might not have spawned in your instance if no players in your instance were at the location when the timer hit 0.

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Dreadnaught & Court of Oryx

Court Of OryxTrenchwayMausoleumDantalion ExodusFounts
No events can be timed in the Dreadnaught. Instead, here's some info about the Court of Oryx.
Court of Oryx
The Court of Oryx is a new player triggered public event arena. There are three tiers, and each tier is triggered by it's respective rune. Everyone who contributes to the battle has a chance to get rewards, but the person who placed their rune has a chance to get better rewards. Failing a challenge will allow you to keep your runes.

Alzok, Gornuk, and Zyrok Dal
Tier 1 & 2 - Three Hive Wizards. Must kill all around the same time or they will respawn. The key is to get each of their health low before killing one.
Bracus Horu'usk
Tier 1 & 2 - Upgraded Cabal Legionary.
Kill all surrounding enemies to lower his shield.
Tier 1 & 2 - Upgraded Hive Ogre.
Kill cursed thrall near Krughor to lower his shield.
Tier 1 & 2 - Hive Wizard.
No special requirements, just kill her.
Mengoor and Cra'adug
Tier 1 & 2 - Two Hive Knights. Sheilds drop when they are near each other. Once one is dead, the other will lose his shield permanently.
Tier 1 & 2 - Upgraded Hive Knight.
No special requirements, just kill him.
Tier 3 - Kaagor is a powerful wizard. You can only damage Kaagor when you kill the big ogre on top of the platform. 5 eyes will appear and destroying an eye will grant the player a temporary stackable buff that deals extra damage to any ogres. Once you kill the big ogre, quickly do as much damage to Kaagor as you can.
Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota
Tier 3 - Thalnok is just like the Crota fight. Destroy the yellow Hive Knight and take his sword. Have your team take down Thalnok's shield and he will drop to one knee. Once he is on his knee, the swordbearer can damage Thalnok until he stands back up. Continue this process until Thalnok is dead.
Tier 3 - The floor is a hazard and you have to move from safe zone to safe zone. "Acolytes of Balwur" will spawn and killing one of these will spawn another safe zone. Damage Balwur while in the safe zone.
Tier 1, Reciprocal Rune
    Obtaining Rune
  • Buy from Eris for 10 black wax + 500 glimmer
  • Chance to drop from chests in Dreadnaught Patrol
  • Chance when defeating Taken Champions in Patrol
  • 25 Crota's Bane XP
  • Chance at blue engrams
  • Chance at Dreadnaught chest keys
  • One random boss must be defeated
Tier 2, Stolen Rune
    Obtaining Rune
  • Buy from Eris for 20 black wax + 1500 glimmer
  • Chance to drop from keyed chests in Dreadnaught Patrol
  • Chance to drop when defeating Court of Oryx Tier 2
  • Once obtained, you must win 3 Tier 1 rounds in order to 'charge' the Stolen rune
  • 50 Crota's Bane XP
  • Chance at blue and legendary engrams
  • Chance at Dreadnaught chest keys
  • Chance at Stolen and Antiquated runes
  • Two random bosses must be defeated
Tier 3, Antiquated Rune
    Obtaining Rune
  • Chance to drop from Eris packages when leveling her up (Level 5+)
  • Chance to drop when defeating Court of Oryx Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • 100 Crota's Bane XP
  • Higher chance at legendary engrams
  • Chance at Dreadnaught chest keys
  • Chance at Antiquated runes
  • Chance at legendary class specific artifacts
  • Mechanics are different for each boss. See Tier 3 boss description above.

Please report if the event has started within the past minute.

Press "Report" to report the event.